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Friday, January 30, 2015

Disruptor at the Met for Iolanta/Bluebeard Premire

Last night the delayed NP of Iolanta/Bluebeard was interrupted by this man. I reviewed the entire performance for Parterre Box. An excerpt:

Trelinski said Alfred Hitchcock films inspired him when he planned these productions. With this insight in mind I’ll just say that Hitch would have called theIolanta half (replete with the noisy protestor) the MacGuffin. The lush music, fairy tale marriage story, and curtain call antics were just a trick for the audiences to appreciate the bone-chilling story of Bluebeard and his doomed wives.


  1. I really hope it was just a bad night for Netrebko, she did not sound like her best. Hope those Lady Macbeth's didn't affect her voice. I'm so excited to see the Bluebeard though, it's one of my favorite operas but I've been very reluctant about Nadja Michael. She was a lovely Brangäne way back in 2000 (at Carnegie Hall, with the unforgettable Waltraud Meier) but her Salome was less than mediocre and her Lady Macbeth was a total disaster. However, based on your review and the tidbits I've been hearing on youtube she sounds surprisingly ok in the part and she nails the high c in the rehearsal clip. So I'm very excited.

    1. I don't think it's the Lady Macbeths. I just think that her voice doesn't sound very fresh or young anymore, and there's really nothing she can do about it as few 40-something year old sopranos sound young and fresh. Iolanta however is a role where sounding young and fresh is sort of a prerequisite. I think Netrebko might be more suited to more grown up roles at this time.

    2. That's what I'm thinking/hoping. I would very much like her to sing in Il Trovatore some time soon.

    3. She did sing Il Trovatore! There's even a DVD of her performance:

  2. oh, I meant at the met. I've seen both videos and think that, at least from a vocal point of view, they are the best things I've ever heard from her.